3D Golf Hit Window Car Sticker Window Windshield Sticker Adhesive Decal


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1. Will be posted on the site clean, dry
2. Stripped of all or part of the end of the paper, set a good position,
is fixed on the upper end, from top to bottom paste on the body
3. Use a plastic scraper or bank card back and froth scraping, squeeze the air
4. Finally off the transfer film, be accomplished
(2) Water paste
1. Spray water to window
2. Cleaning car window and dry it with dishcloth
3. Spray water to clean window again
4. Take off the with sicker, then stick the ball sticker to right part
5. Scrap off the bubble and water with scraper
6. Dry water and airing
Application : Windows, Car windshield, Glass windows, Glass doors and Glass surfaces etc.


Material PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) + Synthetic Adhesive
Style 3D broken glass paste
Size(mm) Approx. 18 x 18cm/7.09 x 7.09''
Golf Diameter Approx. 4.5cm/ 1.77''

Package Included:
1x 3D car stickers