EAS System 12000GS Super Golf Detacher EAS Security Tag Detacher


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EAS System 12000GS Super Golf  Detacher EAS Security Tag Detacher
Name: Super Golf  Detacher
Material: Magnetic Aluminum Coating
Magnetism: 12,000GS
Dimension: Dia. 75mm x 34mm
System Compatibility: Checkpoint,  Ketec, magnetic lock security tags
The detacher consists of several strong permanent magnets and remove all kinds of standard tags, it is popular in retailing and EAS system.
1. Reusable product with extraordinary durability.
2. Well-designed appearance.
3. Ease-of-use product.
4. Outstanding performance on defeating resistance.
5. High-temperature endurance.
6. Widely-used in detaching EAS tags with remarkable detaching performance.
7. Work with EAS tags, EAS safer and EAS products
Package Included:
1 x Super Golf  Detacher
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